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Design, produce

and distribute quality

Metal Work is a vertically integrated company. This model controls the entire production cycle,

from process to product engineering in a constant search for perfection. Almost the entire range is

made internally starting from the choice of raw materials to final assembly. This reduces waste and

shortens lead times. A critical analysis of production and testing data is carried out which brings

continuous improvements to the product and the production process. “Company Wide Quality

Control” is established in the company as a guarantee of continuous improvement.

Total quality

Metal Work has been ISO 9001 certified since 1992, along with ISO 14001 certification in 2000

and OHSAS 1800 certification in 2007. These awards confirm a total quality philosophy and not

just for the product. An example is the attention given to energy saving starting from the design phase.

The electric power needed to operate our valves has decreased in recent years by 75 percent. The

certifications are not just for the parent company but are extended to all Group companies, spreading

our philosophy worldwide. All products comply with the main regulations, particularly those of the

European community, such as the EMC certificate for electromagnetic compatibility. Metal Work

specialists are actively involved in the ISO, UNI, ASSOFLUID committees because they are always a

customer guarantee of quality.

Close to the customer

Metal Work’s strength lies not only in the product but in service and assistance which provides

customer solutions that are suitable for every need, while meeting deadline and quality standards.

The Metal Work or P Service retailer is the customer’s trusted consultant and helps them solve any

problem, be it technical, sourcing material or information. Metal Work also dedicates attention

and resources to customer training.

ISO 9001:2015